01-01-20: fresh start

I always loved the first day of school. Getting to walk into a room with a bunch of new people always intrigued me. Everyone has a story and I loved learning them. All teachers have a different style. Variety truly is the spice of life. 

This New Year feels so much more significant than past celebrations. These past three years have been quite the epic journey. So much in my life has changed since I moved to New Mexico. I was with Crag living off the grid. Now, we are making a difference. 

Hard work and discipline have given us the opportunity to do something positive for Mother Earth and the sports we care so much about. There is a tremendous potential for us to build something that is sustainable and affordable. 

I know I wrote about it already - but being able to gift the kiddos at Joy Montessori ski gear so they could play on the mountain was the most rewarding part of all our efforts. As we grow we can’t wait to #gearupforgood and leave a positive impact in our community.

The future is exciting - I am looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds!

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