01-02-20: childlike passion

My passion has always been a dominant aspect of my personality. My psych (or stoke) is uncontrollable at times. It has been a difficult balance to find between this energy and long term planning. I have always lived in the present because that is where I was the most comfortable. My energy complements the present The rerouted co-op’s growth demands that I use my passion to set goals and make progress. 

There is so much to do everyday. The task list builds in magnitude daily. We started off with a small bootstrapping plan and now we are working on scaling a large organization. The situation has changed for the best. I am still amazingly passionate about what we are doing. It is going to be that fire that carries us to the finish line. This next decade will be monumental in how the world is taken care of. We look forward to nurturing the planet and breathing fresh life into such a consumption based industry. 

Passion equals energy equals hard work equals success. We must come together and make a change in our habits. We are trying to expedite the shift and make it easy for everyone to contribute.

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