01-03-20: not 100%

Just yesterday I was talking about my overwhelming passion and energy. Sometimes that leads to burnouts, both mentally and physically. In this case, I came down with a sore throat and body aches. No fever yet. 

Understandably, this makes me think again of balance. When sick, injured or demotivated you must find a way to get right as soon as possible and keep the momentum going. We can’t afford a full day off. There is far too much to get done. The goals are too big. But, pushing too hard will simply result in more days of sub par performance. 

Focusing on compromise is always the key. Currently, in a rare moment I am working from bed. It’s something I have tried to never let happen. Bed is for sleeping. The rest of the world is for working. However, this is the responsible way to work today. Hopefully, we can close in on some crucial goals and I can work from the warmth and comfort of my bedroom and sleep tons.

It’s so frustrating when your body makes decisions for you. It reminds me of my handful of incapacitating injuries during my college years. Push harder or get healthier. There must be a happy medium in between the two.

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