01-04-20: so many sports

01-04-20: so many sports

Climbing always brings me back to full health. It’s an opportunity to clear the toxins of the mind and body. That is why I fell in love with climbing so many years ago. I needed a way to cleanse my world. 

Focus does not come to me naturally and it is the wilderness that helps me scrub all nonsense from my mind. We are super lucky that it is only a thirty minute drive for us find some dry rocks.

That is why we choose this location as our headquarters. Weather permitting, we have all the sports within reach. Rafting, biking, skiing, climbing are all so close. Work and play go hand in hand for our business. We love helping get gear to a new home. We want people to play outside. Our goal is to inspire people to play and make a positive impact. 

We must take the initiative and make sure we embody those goals both in our personal lives and business world. 

The weather has made us go cross country skiing for a while, we are really looking forward to an amazing day in the sunshine, climbing some rocks.

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unsplash-logo Tommy Lisbin

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