02-04-20: no more naps

02-04-20: no more naps

I had myself convinced that my naps were needed. That getting up early and staying up late provided more value than the middle of the day.

I was out of my mind. A week at Outdoor Retailer convinced me how ridiculous that was. I am picking up on a page out of Bezo’s book and plan to roll off my natural sleep cycle. My eyeballs cracked open at 5:00 sharp this morning. 

Monday was a day of preparation and recuperation. Fighting sickness at the bottom of my throat - I thought it would be safer to rest up and get after it today.

If I have learned one thing starting this business it’s that we must plan for the long term; because a short term focus can throw things way out of whack. 

A good night of sleep and a hard day of work go together like a dirtbag and his bed.  

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