02-06-20: going viral

02-06-20: going viral

Build it and they will come. This old adage from the Field of Dreams has always resonated with me. Seth Godin, a mentor, claims that working generously and doing something remarkable is the best way to market.

So far, we have proven those statements correct. We are so grateful to have built such an amazing core group of people who support our vision. 

Research is probably the most valuable skill I took away from my education career. It’s how I learn anything. Absorb, process and figure out what is important. 

We, like every business, would like to go viral and spread the word. So I started to look into it. What a chaotic search result. And quite meta as well.  A bunch of people making viral videos about viral videos. 

Key takeaways. Be engaged and personal. Be creative and funny. Find influencers. This is vague and unhelpful. I am reverting back to my original plan to act thoughtfully and generously. And count on all of you who want to make a difference. 

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