02-08-20: talking good

02-08-20: talking good

Face to face always feels better. Public speaking doesn’t freak me out. I love to talk and am super passionate. Why is it that when the record button gets pressed I can’t breathe?

Scripting something always throws me for a loop. Makes me freeze in my boots. It goes back to any dialogue I have ever (attempted) to write. I am blocked by the idea of pre-organizing natural speech. I refer back to my pitch video. I read the words; I did not perform the sentiment. My presentations have all been bulleted, off the cuff presentations. 

I knew the information - my knowledge and practiced, conversational flow dominated the stage. Scripts feel forced. The internet claims that videos without a script are pointless. That they are necessary to create quality content. However, we are able to re-frame and re-imagine any concept we want.

A close friend shared with me a thoughtful piece of advice regarding creating a script that transformed my thinking. She said, the reason we script things is to execute timing and guarantee the right information is conveyed. 

This allowed me to shift back to outlines and practice. We are working on a quality series of advertisements that will help describe the scope of the business and who we are trying to serve. 

Please - help us get the word out. Tell your friends about what we are doing. Send them to our website. Word of mouth is the best, most eco-friendly way to advertise. But, I am counting on everyone that reads this to engage and help us make the rerouted co-op the best it can be!

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