02-09-20: social media (modern word of mouth)

02-09-20: social media (modern word of mouth)

Disclaimer: this blog is asking for you to support the rerouted co-op

We are working on our social media, if you couldn’t tell. It is so interesting to dig into a new universe. We are learning so much about how to use these tools effectively and responsibly. Social media success takes generous work that makes a difference. All the research guides us back to this. We have a few things in the works regarding our content production. Currently, it has really only been my daily blog. Which is focused on how the business is growing and what is on my mind that morning.

I wanted to run some of the ideas by you all and see what your thoughts are. Please feel free to leave comments for me to work with! Feedback is so important as we move forward. The goal is to produce meaningful work for our community. Below are some of the projects we are looking into starting. 

  • Weekly current environmental events blog.
  • Weekly charity partner spotlight video with Chap
  • Weekly digest of Coffee Noir highlights
  • Deal of the Week post
  • How to videos (what do you all want to see?)

This is just a summary, I am keeping a few ideas in our back pocket. We would love to know what you want from our media team! I try to keep these daily blogs straying away from being pitchy or preachy.

But, we are making a big big push and we need your help. Please make sure that you follow us on FB, IG and Twitter (@reroutedcoop). Please take a moment and write us Google review and a FB review. Every person makes a difference. 

Go enter our giveaway. A badass hat plus a $50 rerouted co-op gift card. Go like @reroutedcoop and @splitterdesigns. Tag friends, each comment = one entry. There is an easy way to share this contest by hitting the FB share button at the bottom of this blog.

Please share our information with all your friends. Remember, I am counting on all of you to build our inventory. I am counting on all of you to help us get the word out about the work that we are doing. 

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