02-12-20: mentors

02-12-20: mentors

Mentorship is the best way to learn. Consider the apprenticeship schooling strategy. For centuries, this was how kids were taught. They chose (or were chosen) to learn from masters of a craft of skill. This experience based, on the job training, was easy to implement and highly effective. Trial by fire has always been my favorite way to grow quickly.

My tendency to chase new projects has taught me to attach myself to amazing thought leaders and mentors. I have always had figures in my life that I respected and admired; people I wasn’t afraid to ask for help.

I think I am going to do a mentorship series in my daily blog. Reflect on how these humans have impacted the way I approach life. I will throw some names out at you all today and start thinking about how I want to tackle this. Maybe – I will do it once a week for a while and post a video about it. It’s a work in progress.

My dad, David Grubb, taught me how to chase my dreams. Seth Godin wants us to make a ruckus. Yvon Chouinard showed us how to build a business made to serve and protect. Ed Abbey gave voice to the land and took responsibility for humanity’s impact. Henry David Thoreau wanted us to value wilderness and be wary of technology. Kent Renno, Outdoor Ed teacher, showed me how to play outside safely. Ryan Burke, Dean of Students, provided enlightenment regarding my relationship with learning and school. Molly and Christopher Barnes offered my first experience of all the rules being broken to create something amazing: adventure + school = success.

This is just a short list of people who have made a serious impact on the way I understand the world. I could easily write for days mentioning every person that I have learned something from. I think this could be a really cool thing for me to do moving forward. Thanks so much for reading.

Photo By: Chapman Grubb 

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