02-13-20: push the limits

02-13-20: push the limits

The majority of the media I consume is about entrepreneurial stories. I listen, read and watch all kinds of media that demonstrates how hard work, innovation and confidence leads to people making movements. It is never easy to make an impact. All these amazing organizations grew because of the determination to stick to their core mission.

Corporate identity is created by the founders. By the people they hire and the decisions they make. It seems obvious - but the founders lay the foundation. This ties back to what I talked about yesterday with mentors. 

No one knows what they are doing. Not really. The path is not constant and the landscape of consumer culture shifts significantly on a day to day basis. All impactful organizations were created because a leader organized them the way they saw fit. 

There are no right or wrong answers. No template that will churn out meaningful businesses. Some organizations are built to last until the fat paycheck. Some are built to last forever. 

The more we at the rerouted co-op can grow and shape our culture in an image of advocacy - the higher hopes we can have on our ability to make a difference. 

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