02-15-20: shareable

02-15-20: shareable

I have been watching ads just to watch more ads. It has been a week long study session into the most successful advertisements over the past fifty years. Hours and hours of curated media consumption.

Learning by example is hugely important. Years ago - I discovered the best way to create innovation is through a compilation of the people before. History must be learned from. The examples set - their successes and failures - are the best way to move things forward.

There is so much to be learned, especially from advertisements. We have a lot of ideas. We want to provide content that is sharable. We have been thinking of some parodies of iconic ads. There are some full fledged campaigns in motion. Get fired up. Let me know if there is any content you wish we were producing! 

We want your participation. The reason we create content is to please our audience. To inform and provide meaningful engagement. To share and enhance the community. We want your feedback. We want to create content that the people we care about care about.

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