02-16-20: speaking, and writing speaking

02-16-20: speaking, and writing speaking

Practice, practice and more freaking practice. Every time I practice - I record it. I watch it. 

This gives me an opportunity to get more comfortable and shake off the nerves. Performance, which is ultimately all public speaking, is about acting natural. 

Scripts do not feel right to me. This is likely due to the fact that I am a traditionally trained writer and linguist. Every script I have written has been in a concise - easy to READ language. We spent so much time working on how to create casual speech. 

It immediately felt easier to get through than the choppiness of my usual writing. My writing is so ugly and hard to read aloud. Making it doubly hard to perform. I let you in my brain when I write. And apparently, my brain does not think how it speaks.

It’s getting so much better. We are planning loads of content. Almost all of them feature yours truly. Hopefully, my acting skills will catch up so you all want to keep watching!

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