02-19-20: stretching is exercise

02-19-20: stretching is exercise

Years went by without me paying any attention to stretching. My muscles always seemed capable of recovering despite my lack of care. As I age, the response time of my body slows. I am less comfortable after a day of play. I have been working hard to train and to stretch. Both these strategies will strengthen my frame to last for the long haul.

I am finally working on something that has straightforward information. We are essentially building a crowdfunding campaign. We need traction. Rerouted co-op will be providing a way to help us grow. We are stretching to achieve something incredible. The team is pushing hard to bring something really special for our supporters. Thank you for sticking by us so far. 

We are working on producing a campaign to help us kick start the future of used gear. We are putting together super exciting. We will be putting together a rallying cry for everyone who believes in the success of rerouted co-op.

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