02-20-20: building a snowman

02-20-20: building a snowman

My thought process is notorious for skipping songs. I will go from one idea to another without pausing to go through the Jeff Goldblum step by step commentary. An idea reveals itself - either organically or prompted by someone in my life (Samantha, more often than not) and I just start rolling it around. Imagine my brain like a rolling meadow covered in snow. 

The snowflakes are representative of fleeting thoughts and inklings. They constantly are falling. The wind is my energy level - the more passion - the more aggressive the movement and blending of ideas. Sometimes it’s easy to bind together sometimes it crumbles and congeals. At any moment, those flakes can solidify into a full fledged idea. 

That idea grows by collecting a combination of old concepts and new ideas. The new and the old are packed together holding the shape of a sphere. Depending on the quality of the original thoughts, these ideas become the base of our snowman. 

No scheme is complete by generating one developed, thoughtful idea. We need to reproduce the earlier steps to make a complete body of work. Decorate it up. Put on the final touches. Never forget to name it.

See - creation is the same whether it’s an event, business or snowman. Step by step. Control. Patience. Skill. Humor. Imagination. 

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