02-22-20: effectiveness

02-22-20: effectiveness

It feels so good to execute. To be effective. Tangible growth. I have written about this before. One of the reasons I love to build and create. Even tiling feels rewarding because you can see each tile taking up space. 

Developing and implementing strategies of measuring effectiveness is truly a testament to goal setting and productivity. How can we be expected to keep up with the rat race - and evaluate successes and failures - learning in the process - if we don’t even understand what that means.

Growth is good. But growth leads to mistakes and loss of the whole vision. Optimistically (and cautiously) we will water the seeds of rerouted co-op. Making sure that we are able to grow without ever forgetting who we are and what we stand for.

Answer: adventure junkies who want people to play outside and protect our lands together. 

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