02-23-20: focused skill acquisition

02-23-20: focused skill acquisition

One day at a time we become more skilled and experienced humans. Most of the time - I feel like we are learning a huge skill set. Our growth is a culmination of our ability to process and act on information. 

Usually - it’s a huge breadth of info we are expected to sort. The process of filtering the majority of this is done subconsciously. We aren’t obligated to manage all of these efforts without automation. 

What’s intriguing is when you remove the rest of the noise and start from scratch on a single skill. Today’s situation. Video editing. Something I have literally never done. But - we have a whole day and about 50 video clips.

Thank goodness that the internet allows me to look up anything I need to. Downloading the software and getting started. A skill like this is invaluable. 

A leader must have an understanding of general capabilities of the tools we use. Not an expert. Working knowledge of each component of the business allows better big picture vision. When execution is key - known processes provide much better estimates and expectations organizationally.

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