02-24-20: waking up to news

02-24-20: waking up to news

There are many nuances to professionalism and workaholics. Ask me two years ago - and I would have never considered sending an email outside of slightly extended work hours. It was comfortable doing business with people between the hours of 7-7. Those couple of extra hours that cushioned a typical work day allowed for plenty of time to communicate.

Recently, I realized this is one of the beautiful things about emails. They are a way to organize your interactions in order to address them when you see fit. 

I started getting emails at 22:00 on a Saturday. Waking up that first Sunday morning to work was a surprise. It opened up the floodgates.

More and more it feels like weekends are a thing of the past. People who take their business seriously understand that technology never sleeps. That a weekend doesn’t end the work. 

It’s easier than ever to work together. To collaborate and organize. It takes a few humans stepping up and taking action, regardless of what time of day it is.

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