03-06-20- skiing to booty toning

03-06-20- skiing to booty toning

There is always time to include physical activity. The weather has made it challenging to get out for a couple pitches. Most winters, we ski. This winter, I worked too much. 

The full day of effort was too costly. Full day’s off are rare to come by - and when we do have a free moment - it is consumed by homeownership.

The list grows and grows. Fortunately, I am getting better at handling the scope of the work. We are becoming more skilled as the days go on.

Our inability to play outside as much as we’d like has been a struggle. But, as they say, earn your turns. Pitching gets pitches.  We have to work hard before we play hard.

We are ready for spring time and climbing. The season is right around the corner. We have been staying in shape on our campus board and doing leg videos. I feel strong.

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