1-21-20: hibernation

1-21-20: hibernation

I needed a couple days. I felt like I was going strong in the blog and work game for a while. However, my posts were feeling uninspired. I was feeling uninspired. There has been so much going on so far this past year. The rerouted co-op came to life this time last year. We are going on almost 12 months of hard work towards this goal.

We are still at the very beginning of a tremendously long journey. There have certainly been ups and downs. Thankfully, more ups than downs. We have so much potential we are trying to maximize. It is exciting and terrifying. 

Events in my personal life have boiled over and taken priority recently. I took a couple days to regroup and attempt to rekindle the flames of inspiration. I am looking forward to Outdoor Retailer. We grew so much and learned so much during the event last summer.

After a short term hibernation, to recuperate and regenerate, I am getting so ready to have an amazing Snow Show. Denver is always fun this time of year and I may even be able to squeeze in a few mornings of skiing!

All in all, this trip should go a long way in helping me find my mojo and get back into the swing of things. Working the backend of the business is rewarding, but only from the inside. It is so important but a lot harder to get truly excited about.

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