10-10-19: structured freedom

 Exercise energizes me. My family inspires me. A clean home enlightens me. 

Let’s learn from Jack Torrence, of The Shining fame, who reminds us that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Structure, and scheduling, scares me because it has notoriously suffocated innovation.

I built my schedule for chunk time sessions for the passions I have. Work, exercise, family, education and watching football are all accounted for while embracing fluidity and improvisation.

Every week - what I do specifically within that structure can change; but ultimately, my quality of life should improve significantly by having expectations in place. The benefits are immense in both my business and personal lives.

I hope to be the best man I can be. Structure for an organizationally challenged human is the golden ticket for success. Structure is easier to come by than discipline. 

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