10-13-19: pocket rockets

No Limit Texas Holdem (poker) was a major part of my life from 2014-2018. I played poker for a living - and treated my career like a business. 

It is deeply ingrained in my nature to seize every opportunity. I prefer to take the bold, actionable strategy, controlling my own destiny. Patience is a virtue, they say. Take action? Or wait patiently?

For example, I played in the 2018 World Series of Poker Main Event and bought in for $10,000 dollars cash. To buy my entry - I had to wait in line for roughly three hours. In line, as I waited, I committed to patiently waiting for really good opportunities once in the tournament. 

I chose to employee the most conservative strategy that was reasonable. But obviously, decks of cards (and life), like to blow up our best strategies like fireworks on the fourth. Two hands into the tournament, less than ten minutes in, I got dealt pocket aces (AA). 

This is the best hand to start with in the game. It’s likely that I will only get AA a handful more times in the next ten days of playing. Quality chances appear infrequently. I decided to seize the reins and go for it.

Being patient means waiting for a good situation - for the cards to fall in our favor. Timing is independent of patience. Patience has so much more to do with big picture analysis. 

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