10-16-19: real life... a global noir

It seemed like an explanation was necessary for the title of my blog. I struggled to name this blog for a couple weeks because I wanted it to be truly meaningful.

The original phrase that I modified is ‘cafe noir’ - which is coffee without cream and sugar, especially a small, strong cup of black coffee. When it comes to coffee, the bitterer the better-er. 

I was intrigued by the phrase because of its reference to the noir genre, defined by ‘fatalistic and cynical characters exploring  bleak environments’. Currently, it feels like we are in a global noir.

I deliberately chose to parody the noir genre because all who know me (even those who are only a handful of blogs deep) should know that I embrace joy, celebration and positivity. Fatalism is far from my mind. The irony of a dude like me in a noir is pretty absurd.

In a way, this blog is trying to solve a mystery. With all the shit that is going on, what can we do now? For me, I can bust my ass everyday trying to build the rerouted co-op to save  the wilderness, and adventure sports, that I love so deeply. And play outside as much as possible.

I am going to go make a redeye and make this day the most productive yet. 

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