10-17-19: missing pieces

Yesterday, we opened a box with a brand new bike rack for our warehouse. Weirdly, we were missing one small but integral piece to the finished puzzle. It’s strange they would go to the effort to send us a bunch of extra nuts and bolts - but fail to include such a key component.

It makes me wonder how so many machines and humans could have failed to notice the inconsistency? At what point during the process did this error take place? I am not particularly upset or frustrated - the situation brought me back to thinking about the rerouted co-op (obviously).

How do we build fail safe systems to make sure we include all the pieces that satisfy the needs of our customers. In our case, our system is so unique and undefinable. Our game is more about information than it is about including the whole set.

It’s so crucial to include all the necessary pieces for all our decisions, and ultimately an easy task. Laying and following the blueprint for the finished product is where the time, energy and money get poured. Once you’re there - get it right the first time. 

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