10-19-19: the streak continues

It is so much easier building routines with consistency. This is the first time this has been written from a different location than where it began. It started in the giant, comfy lounge chair in the living room. Before the sun was up, before the household rose - I was able to write in silence. 

It’s easy to start writing with a clear mind. The model I chose - a simple anecdote plus short reflection came naturally at home. THis morning, I had to drive 30 mins before I was able to start composing. 

One may think that this extra time allowed processing and creativity time. Instead, I got my mind spinning about the rest of my day. I allowed my mind to get bogged down with the future, versus allowing my freshness to commit to a poignant topic.

I promised myself I was going to stick to this morning writing. It has forced me to commit to the entirety of my new routine. I will find a way to make a routine that caters to the bizarre traveling experience I have. Sorry this one was so much later than usual. I think I am going to start writing two a day. Create a backlog and then write for myself the mornings I am out of service. 

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