10-22-19: it's a sign

Near my childhood home there was a local lumber yard named Dunn Lumber (Seattle, Wa). It was positioned at the major intersection forcing me to pass it nearly every morning. They had a massive promotional sign in the parking lot - the kind that companies normally advertise their sales and events.

On the rare occasion, they actually utilized their sign for these strategies. What made this sign note worthy was the fact that nearly everyday they added a new, intriguing line. Some are humorous and some were insightful - but undoubtedly thought provoking. 

Significant enough that, years after I moved away, I still get snapshots of the Dunn Lumber Daily Quip. Significant enough that, besides the information on a sign, I applied to work for their organization. Strangely, this billboard offered me much consul and support throughout my childhood. 

If I was a local - I’d shop nowhere else. It’s incredible that they were able to hook me with the most organic, brick and mortar Instagram campaign. It was effective because I knew I could rely on it to bring a smile to my face. 

dunn lumber sign + joke

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  • Lodie Grubb

    Thanks for posting, Chap. It’s amazing how the little things stay with us. I always look forward to driving by to see what they will post up there next. I also love how they are still old school- they could go digital but that would ruin it!

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