10-23-19: millennials

The rerouted co-op was described once as a ‘very interesting millennial business’. It was a kind and thoughtful gesture - however, being described as a millennial business was cringe worthy. Although unintentional, it hurt my feelings. The statement brought forth feelings of insignificance and self-doubt.

It made me wonder why this simple, generous statement had this affect.

Humans born between 1981 and 1996 are widely accepted as ‘millennials’ (ages 23-38). There are mixed emotions - clearly I hear primarily the negative. The dialogue goes back and forth describing us as the ‘Me generation’ or the ‘Mother earth generation’. 

Clearly, my friend was using the concept to comment that the rerouted co-op leans towards community building and encouraging civic mindedness. There are always two sides to each story - and semantics are fundamentally based in context.

time magazine talking about millenials

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