10-24-19: liability into advantage

This post got long on me. Thanks for reading. 

My mind is drawn to my own weaknesses (productivity and organization, today). I actively decided that instead of wallowing in these liabilities - I will strive to acknowledge related strengths. It’s awareness and knowledge that enable us to grow, becoming the best humans we can be. 

Three primary strengths of mine compound into this weakness. 

A superhero’s diagnoses ADHD. Literature is coming out in mass that suggests that ADHD was a coveted trait in children until our conventional education system was created. I have always considered my ‘imbalance’ as a superpower. 

I am passionate - to the point of obsession at times. No matter the task, I am going to commit everything I have to achieve at the highest level. Everything else fades away and anything seems possible. I have lived on $5 a day in a van, created an outdoor education curriculum in a week, I played poker all night for months straight, dove into the construction trade and designed businesses from scratch. 

My love of creation, problem solving and innovation. I’d consider this my biggest strength. There is nothing that is more invigorating than the act of creation. Of fixing a major flaw and implementing a new project. 

All of these individual assets compound to erase my mind of the little things. The minor tasks that drive the day to day seem like a nearly insurmountable task to manage. This weakness is merely a consequence of attributes I have embraced previously. I can practice, I can train. I am capable of managing the small things. 

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