10-25-19: scary stories

Scary stories have a practical purpose. Fear and stress are directly related. The every day stress and anxiety we suffer is a cousin to true terror and fear. This morning, in the spirit of Halloween, I propose that we start using scary movies as training tool.

A film’s (or any work of art’s) ability to generate visceral and real reactions has always fascinated me. Practice makes perfect. An undeniable truth. Stress is part of life - we must learn to control it, manage it and move on.

I would guess that my exposure to fictional horror aided my ability to channel stress. It developed a comfort with the mental and physical sensations. Scary movies only work if you submit yourself. 

Pick a couple scary movies. Black out the room. Make it cold. Turn up the volume. Join the story and be afraid. It may make you more likely to seize all opportunities.

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