10-27-19: do you know where the dogs are?

10-27-19: do you know where the dogs are?

Taking our three dogs on adventures is quite the experience. We have a strategy to ease our workload. They are all friendly and well behaved - but they have a tendency to get loud and react to surprises. This forces action and demands intervention. They become friendly once an introduction takes place and the ‘threat’ has been removed. 

Our strategy is threefold: we hike far distances, choose difficult to find locations and warn newcomers that “The dogs are super friendly and super loud.”

This scenario feels like a good metaphor for my work life. My discipline and hard work has trained our pups to be energetic, playful and adventurous. They are part of the family but still animals. Their nature requires our action.

The problems that we face daily remind me of the dogs. They have a mind of their own. Independent creatures that have freedom of choice and inability to voice their opinion. They must be trained and cultivated prior to the conflict in order to minimize the impact. Problems and dogs, when left to their own devices, have the potential to wreak havoc. 

Awareness, preparation and discipline are strategies to help thwart the uncontrollable.

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