10-29-19: cats and dogs

Household animals are so peculiar. This is not the first time someone has commented on the stark differences between our most common, domestic pets.

It is an undertaking to get three dogs to coexist with two kittens. Dogs, without previous exposure, have trouble understanding that these animals are friends - not toys. 

Every interaction has been supervised. Hard work, discipline and rewards are easing the tension between predators. Sure enough - the seven beings in our household are becoming more and more familiar with the way things must be. 

Introducing new concepts, projects or strategies can be a terrifying and time consuming task. We are constantly asked to change and grow, adjust to a new way of life.

We are always training our dogs to protect (instead of chase) the little kittens.

The previous sentence was intended to be the conclusion of this post - but, that metaphor painted a pretty picture that applies well. We have our way, our nature (the dogs). We have change and growth (the kittens). We are obligated to reconcile the two - becoming the best humans we can be. 

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