10-30-19: just men

Fantasy stories are about heroes, ‘the chosen ones’. Men and women who have been picked to accomplish grand goals. Saving the world - protecting the innocent - averting disaster. Often, there is magic and fortune that aid our heroes. 

Despite minor advantages (built into the story) - the intriguing part of fantasy is how relatable the heroes are. They suffer the struggles of daily life. They are overwhelmed, indecisive and anxious. Mistakes are made and interpretations bungled.

We all have the potential to be heroes of our own story. There is magic on our planet. It’s generated through preparation, hard work and passion. It’s magical when plans and promises come together - unfolding as they should. 

Our magic resides in our ability to strategize, innovate, problem solve and implement. We are all chosen to be who we are. We all have the power to do something meaningful.. Now go, tackle earth shattering issues. Organize a purpose. Bring people together. 

Success and failure isn’t binary the way people assume. The only way to fail is to not begin. As the hockey hero Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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