10-31-19: halloween

I have mentioned my previous interest in scary stories (and the advantage they can provide). Today is Ol’ Hallows Eve. Halloween. No other holiday provides such a great exercise for kids learning to engage with adults and strangers. 

The opportunity is immense. In actuality, Halloween asks kids to dress up and go door to door with a sales pitch. The costume is the service and candy is the payment. The raddest part is societally we agree to this so kids are not turned away. 

This holiday demonstrates success to kids - create the right situation, the right environment - and good things happen. Halloween allows kids to present themselves with endless creativity, being exactly who they want to be and dressing the way they want to. 

Additionally, Halloween is an outstanding example of how hard work and effort correlate to success. I’ll never forget how much energy went into our strategy planning before halloween. How could we prepare, and execute, to return home with the biggest load of candy.

What an incredible chance for young people to learn how to get ahead.

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