11-1-19: bedtimes and promises

Three weeks ago, I promised myself that I would be accountable for a heinously booked schedule. If you block off six hours for sleep - you are left with 126 hours of waking time and 18 hours a day. Let the record show, six hours of sleep is not enough to get me through the day. I have a nap scheduled after lunch. 

I love starting the day at 4:00 - the morning has always made me happy. It’s quiet and I am inspired. I blog first thing, with a coffee in hand. When my mind is fresh and ready to bend in any direction. My daily promise to blog is also what holds me accountable. 

A five hour work shift leads me to forty hours a week promised to my fiance (because we deserve time to climb and exercise). Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we go rock climbing. Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we run and yoga it up. 

After exercising, eating and napping (add 10 hours for lunch+nap) - I am ready for another five to seven hour work shift. My soul has been balanced and righted with good company and blood flow. Working when not at peak capacity seems so wasteful. 

Committing sixty hours a week to the rerouted co-op demands that I have time to remember why what we do matters. My love for play and learning is the inspiration for the rerouted co-op. It’s absolutely crucial that I don’t mentor Jack Torrance from The Shining

That shift wraps up into an evening of dinner and kicking it again with Samantha. Wedding planning is thrown in the mix weekly (so we can stay ahead of the curve). Add ten hours of yard work weekly and we are almost through the week. 

Sixty hours working, forty with Sammy, ten for recovery, and ten for yard work. Leaving six hours a week to watch my Minnesota Vikings and sleep in on the weekends (until 6:00) This is the promise I made because the rerouted co-op is worth it. The effort, exercise and excitement will never fade. But, every minute of sleep matters as much as the promise I made to the rerouted co-op.


  • Cole

    Love it chapp!!! Keep crushing it

  • Kathy

    I don’t see any time in your schedule for me…..future mother-in-law?

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