11-16-19: back to normal

It feels good to get back into the proper rhythm. After only one month, this pattern has become comfortable and normal. It’s a refreshing way to begin a day. Especially with how cluttered and busy life can be sometimes. 

Blogging provides an opportunity to comment on ideas, issues and thoughts that jump to the forefront. 

I appreciate how much opportunity we have. I appreciate how much support we have. I am looking forward to how amazing the rerouted co-op can be. I am planning to write explicitly about all the things I appreciate.

That’s because Vegan Thanksgiving round 3 is around the corner. It feels cliched and appropriate to theme my posts that way.


Edit: The irony of this post is not missed. I was overlooking old posts this week. I realized that this post was a post I failed to upload. It's amazing the difference Sammy has in my ability to manage the details. She makes me so much better. I wrote this post on the right day. I say the streak goes on. 

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