11-23-19: twisting and turning

There are so many big new things in play for the business. The nature of our bootstrapped business means that much of what I do is obtaining appropriate funding and pushing the business forward on a budget. 

Money and finance causes so much stress in life. It creates rifts because there is such a range in how people approach money.It’s hot button topic that creates stress for so many people.

My poker playing background allows me to see cash as a tool to build upon. It’s another resource. For some, it is the be all end all. Strategies are in place to help people. There’s Kickstarter, there are investors, there are loans, we can work jobs. 

Regardless, my dreams are limitless. I want to achieve so much.  I hope to bring rerouted co-op to a level where we are competing with the big dogs. A cash resource is integral to building to that point. 

I get stuck twisting and turning not because I feel that bringing money to the business is unobtainable - simply because I have a hard time understanding which sacrifices will bring the most benefit.

It seems like people always feel limited by this issue. I feel overwhelmed because there are too many options. 

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