11-4-19: tangible work

There is something so pure about doing work that you can see grow and develop in a physical way. It’s satisfying to see fresh paint cover a distasteful wall, dig a trench to drain water or build a fence to protect a garden. 

These projects are measurable. The project began because there was a desired outcome - and it is so easy to tell whether you achieve your goal. It’s nice to be able to stop and celebrate victories. Paint a room? Congratulations. 

When the work is in the cloud - and there is nothing to grasp - we can forget exactly where we are in our projects. We can lose our ability to finish tasks completely. We forget to stop and do touch ups. 

We should be able to relate tangible and intangible work and use the rewards of one to improve our skill at the other. Better goal setting and better preparation should bring many goals out of the ether making them as rewarding and tangible as fixing the potholes in the driveway.

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