11-9-19: four colored pens

You know the ones. They are surprisingly difficult to find in most office supply stores. In college, they became a fixture of work. The color options enable the chaos of my mind to be translated to paper with slightly more organization. 

They allow both efficiency and creativity. Work done in four color is more fun to look at later. It has been nearly a decade of pure commitment to the same pen. 

Weirdly, when I returned from college with a backpack full of these writing utensils - I was met with surprise and awe from my mother. She was stunned by my preference.

Apparently, my grandfather (who passed when I was little) was also obsessed with the same, classic four color pens. He exclusively used them as well. It’s strange how these similarities in preference exist. This trait was certainly not inherited; because that would be insane.

Yet, it is most likely an inherited composition of mind that chose that path. He likely would have justified the pens’ necessity in nearly an identical way. 

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