12-1-19: frustration

Everyone gets frustrated. Things happen that are disruptive and mess with our world. The most important thing we can do is identify the root cause. The underlying fact that frustrates us. What can we control that will prevent this in the future. 

I woke up furious at myself for blowing my blog streak. It had been a haphazard process for the past few weeks. I made it 54 straight days without missing a daily blog. Yesterday, I forgot. 

There were many things in motion with the holidays. I learned how difficult it is for me to choose working over friends and loved ones. I’d rather be with them - celebrating, eating and being joyous. 

I struggle to balance fun with work. Fun always overrides the tedious tasks that present themselves daily. I allowed my discipline to lack and I instinctively tried to blame events for my incompetence. 

Self reflection allowed me to take responsibility for my inaction and understand what is necessary moving forward. Discipline and balance will be something I am always improving on. The key to building this skill set is knowing where the fault lies - and that is all internal. 

Sidenote: and so we begin again at day 1. Let’s make it to one hundred.

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