12-20-19: climbing

Climbing is a possibility for our weekend. My love of climbing rocks drove me to create the rerouted co-op. I always wanted to be on an adventure. Camping, playing and hiking were what my dreams were made of. Skiing and paddling have always played second fiddle to the rocks.

I have always been infatuated by the long climb. 1000+ feet. Ten pitches or more. A full day of exposure.

I think that multipitch climbing appeals to me because I like to commit with confidence. I like to push the chips into the middle when I know It is the right thing to do. I am capable of minimizing risk in order to move forward and accomplish significant goals. 

I promised myself many years ago that I wasn’t going to be climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, I am redesigning what it means to be in a corporation. I am building an organization that functions outside the boundaries as much as possible.

While we are still obligated to work on our computers and be stuck inside - I am trying to break the mold and create something inspirational.

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