12-22-19: clinching the playoffs

For those of you who do not follow the NFL (because most of the time it’s dumb, immoral and inefficient) my Minnesota Vikings are going to the playoffs this year. I promise football is not the premise for this post. I wanted to discuss clinching and how this applies to my business principles.

Simple explanation of clinching (in terms of NFL playoffs). 12/32 teams make the playoffs. At some point in the last month of the season, some of the teams guarantee they have a playoff spot. This is based on their win/loss record. Clinching means that winning (or losing) games is less important and you can focus on winning a championship.

It changes your decision making allowing you to plan for the future instead of winning week to week. Perform well enough early in the season and you can rest your starters. You can keep critical plays a secret. You can prepare for the playoffs. 

Let’s take this back to business. Hard work, focus and execution is how you build something fantastic. It takes effort and energy to clinch success. So much is fairly routine, arduous work. You know that you must persevere to achieve the big goal. When you ship a project - meet a goal and it gets proven. It feels like clinching a playoff spot. You can take a moment to regroup, rest up and work towards the championship.

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