12-23-19: one million dollars

In classic form, Mike Myers as Austin Powers and Dr. Evil, seems relevant to me this morning. Dr. Evil threatens the world with nuclear warfare - holding it hostage and asking for one million dollars. Only to be laughed at raucously. His minions explain that the value of one million dollars is barely something to notice when it comes to big business and evil schemes.

This scene feels especially memorable and relevant as we are putting together the information we need to rally investments and build a reasonable valuation for our business. It’s unbelievable the massive size of the market and the potential that offers us. 

Studies show that 49% of the US population over the age of 6 engage in some outdoor activity. That 160 million people that the rerouted co-op is capable of servicing. What a monstrously large market. It’s conceivable for us to compete with the big dogs. We can build a platform that enables us to make a massive positive impact.

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