12-25-19: it's a freaking white christmas

Christmas is always a blast. There is nothing more fun than giving amazing gifts to people we truly love. It’s a blessing that I am so close with both my family and my fiance’s. We all have such amazing relationships - and I feel that that is what this is all about. The giving season. Packing in work for a little - focusing on what makes us tick. Who (and what) inspires us. The same reason that keeps us going during the grind of the rest of the year. 

It’s a few weeks out of the year that people (workaholics like me) try to relax and recover. Regroup to remember why the hard work is worth it. I love Samantha. I love our whole extended family. Having the ability to provide them all with an incredible life is what keeps me going. The best gift I have is 100 percent of myself. That, I promise to always give. That - is the most meaningful gift that can be given. Loyalty and commitment. 

Things come and go and memories fade. Trust, compassion, patience and love are forever.

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