12-27-2019- mr. love to fix things

It’s a joy to problem solve. The severity of the problem (and the consequences) directly correlate to how much fun it is to fix something up. 

For example - I was able to fix a broken dimming light switch in our bedroom this morning. It took about 5 minutes and I was able to make something work again. That was a fun problem to play mr. fix it. There was no urgency or pressure. Simply a minor issue that needed to be addressed. 

Now - the other day, during the middle of a rainstorm, we discovered a massive leak in one of the windows in our home. That was not an enjoyable problem to fix. Highly urgent and highly consequential. Soaking wet and cold trying to locate and repair the leak I considered how unfortunate the situation was.

However, I did realize that all problems are rewarding to solve. In both situations I emerged feeling victorious. The journey is part of it. But we must keep the final goals in mind.

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