12-31-19: end of an era

Today is truly the end of an era. I know it’s not a hot take - but not everything can be. I have a week of New Year’s resolutions and goals upcoming. There are so many dreams and ambitions that I have coming up in the next year. Our goals are ambitious, but hard work and effort will be the difference maker.

I am nearly 30 years old. I wish that it hadn’t taken quite so many years to form into a complete adult. This is defined by my clean, nice wardrobe, a leather briefcase and a professional attitude. Luckily, adapting to new situations has been a skill I keep in my pocket. 

I have accomplished many objectives in the past decade. I have been successful by the standards that I set in place. I traveled. I learned. I lived. And I played. 

These were the goals I set out to accomplish. Admittedly - every one of those goals was selfish and about me. My mission for the upcoming decade is to share all that passion, love and learning back with the world. 

Spreading the lessons I have learned and giving back to the communities that gave me so much. The rerouted co-op is designed to promote positivity and action. We have massive plans and I can’t wait to show everyone!

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