12-9-19: role models

I chose a number of strange role models in films and media to look up to. I have always looked up to people who excelled without being conventional. Unique approaches to work and life have defined how I set my goals. 

I love Ferris Bueller, the infamous ‘slacker’ and Sausage King of Chicago. Though he cut school and was a ‘bad boy’, he was clearly loved by all his classmates. His achievement in personal relationships and his passion for going all in were exceptionally motivating. 

My 5th ranked strength on Strengthsfinder is the Achiever strength. None of my friends and family would say I was an achiever by traditional metrics. That said, I have always worked hard at what I believed to be valuable. Sports, relationships (peers and teachers) and slacking were what I dedicated time and energy too in my youth. 

I have become quite the workaholic over the past couple years. My passion to lead and create has driven me to become a standard and nonstandard achiever. I value work ethic above most all else - I just don’t insist that you work towards any certain goals.

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