alpine starts

alpine starts

I miss the monster adventure. The days of waking up at 3 because we had to summit before breakfast. It always felt like Christmas. Grogginess is forever present, but unbridled joy and adrenaline render it irrelevant. Excitement takes over.

We are lucky to have so much wilderness so close. We can sneak out for a couple hours - guaranteeing we won’t cross paths with anyone. We have been equipped for social distancing for years now. Our whole team works, lives and plays in HQ.

It has been over a year since rerouted co-op started. Every day brings more progress. There is a reason this doesn’t change much for us. We work. We create. We play. We sleep.

If you’re doing it right - no one will know whether you’re working or playing at any given moment. 

Originally written on April 17, 2020

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