Attacking inaction

Attacking inaction

My thoughts have recently been dancing around the notions of ideas vs action. One of my favorite quotes is from Michael Dell, “Ideas are a commodity, execution is not.” This resonates because there is a lot of noise, talk and opinions these days; and little in the way of organization & execution. 

What is stopping us from making progress and keeping us talking about progress? It’s so easy to talk a lot & allow events to unfurl around us, not because of us. They say ‘be the change you seek’ - while I think ‘create the change you seek’ more accurately encompasses the behavior necessary. Obviously, there are thousands of diverse factors that imprison an individual or organization in a frozen state of talking without doing. Yet, there are three components under our control that we can leverage to attack inaction & inspire execution. Routine, passion & mindset. 

Routine is like your body armor. Habits & schedules are created based on your specific circumstances; they serve as the last line of defense - to never remove but adjust as necessary. These structures are what you must rely on when the grind becomes overwhelming. Implant these into your subconscious so your mental capacity is free for all the hard decisions.  

Passion is more subjective - it’s nearly impossible to generously give to a cause you couldn’t care less about. Passion is like a shield. You are able to use it to protect yourself from the big blows the universe can throw at you. When you care - those things phase you less. You can’t build for everyone, and loads of people thought Amazon was dumb. Passion blocks rejection & motivates you to find the audience that does care. 

Example, I had zero motivation to go door to door & sell exterior house painting jobs. I did everything I could to do the bare minimum because it meant nothing to me. However - revolutionizing the used gear industry, helping people create their own wilderness adventures and facilitating access & education to nature - have me blasting out of bed at 4am & never satisfied with my effort. I always want more despite 100 hour weeks. .

Mindset is the most important, most cerebral & most challenging of these three tactics. Mindset is your only weapon in the Sisyphusian effort that is entrepreneurship. The only attack is making the decision that whatever you’re working on is too urgent, too important and matters too much to not take action. Make the decision, learn from it & give your best. That’s just talk though. The shift happens when you believe all the above AND that you are the only person that can create the change you seek. 

Easier said than done, absolutely. Yet, commit to ignoring imposter syndrome - because no one knows what they’re doing. They make the best decisions they can with the information they have - but they can’t predict the future. Decide to do what you care about, believe in yourself & just keep going. I know it sounds like a motivational poster. Sorry :P

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