10-11-19: because coffee

10-11-19: because coffee

It’s so natural, even expected, to drink coffee when I wake up. My subconscious starts craving when my eyes open. The power of habits is undeniable. 

The physical reaction to my morning caffeine intake triggers my brain to action. Coffee wakes the slumbering beast by conditioning a behavioral response. That is, drinking coffee makes me work harder.

Believing in positive results accelerates behavioral conditioning significantly. This is how placebo works. I plan to take advantage of placebos to enable the aggressive schedule I built for myself.

In my last post, I discussed implementing structure. Placebo will help me break the month long habit building barrier. We have to commit ourselves to a set of beliefs that reinforce the behavior.

I believe that climbing, yoga or running everyday will dramatically increase my peak performance levels. What do you believe will make you better?

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