Brand transcends the company

Brand transcends the company

The power branding has is incredible. It controls every decision a person makes. Brand needs to be the pristine light that leads the way. The brand needs to epitomize the core values and create bumpers to prevent gutterballs. 

If done properly, the brand won’t allow deviation. This goes for companies, personal brands & even simply relationships. A company like Patagonia, couldn’t buy an oil and gas company if they wanted to. How weird would it be if LeBron James decided that he hated basketball & preferred curling. At an individual level, our brand is a combination of our beliefs and behavior. 

For example, people always trusted me to take their lives in their hands and teach them how to rock climb. It’s because of the brand I had built. Reliable, trustworthy, safe & skilled enough. It’s interesting to draw the parallels between that personal image and the brand identity we are building with Rerouted.

It makes sense. My personal brand for the past 13 years has been doing whatever it takes to facilitate access and education to the outdoors. I want people to play outside. It makes it much easier to create a brand strategy that inherently aligns with the founding team’s personal branding. 

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