Business coaching

I got asked if I was a business coach the other day. I was absolutely flattered. Obviously, I am super focused on this project and unable to find more time to work with others - let alone feed myself appropriately. I am far from qualified to be an executive coach - but I have learned a few things over the years.

Her comments made me think about why my words had such an impact on her. I am constantly aware of two things as a leader. I like to get help & I like to be proven wrong. These are major advantages. 

If I could share any one lesson it would be that. If you genuinely care about what’s best for your project, not what’s best for your ego, the this should not be the hardest challenge in the world.

The only caveat to this - is you can’t allow yourself to get stuck in inaction. You have to be decisive and action driven. But quickly be willing to sink costs & change course when things aren’t working or more information becomes available. 

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